Online and Phone Counselling near Godalming

Hi, I'm Tina and Welcome.

It’s not just our physical health that is being affected by the corona virus pandemic – uncertainty, frustration, anxiety and stress, along with the huge changes in the way we now live our lives, are all having an impact on our mental health too.

You’re not alone if these changes are making you feel worried and unsure. Our situation is challenging and unpredictable, and these feelings are quite normal.

Often talking to a neutral non-judgemental person, such as me, can really help.  Together we can work on what troubles you - maybe you have been feeling low for too long and want to change; perhaps you need some help with your anger or to stop feeling so anxious.  Maybe you are grieving and need some help. I focus very much on the relationship between client and therapist - a working relationship that is built on respect, trust and empowerment.

I offer Skype, WhatsApp or phone sessions at times to suit us both - give me a call: 07803 084224

Tina Turpin Consulting room