Counselling and Psychotherapy near Godalming

Are you struggling with life, have no-one to talk to or feel that no-one is really listening to you? Maybe you are feeling low and demotivated?

As a qualified, sensitive and committed counsellor I can offer you a safe, confidential and supportive space to talk through any issues or problems you may have.

Together, we can explore and make sense of your personal challenges and work towards regaining control of your life and realising your potential. I focus very much on the relationship between client and therapist - a working relationship that is built on respect, trust and empowerment, within a secure and confidential environment.

Sometimes we need someone just to listen to us: Someone who will not judge - someone new - to work through our issues and feelings - to get the joy back in life! I work integratively, using a range of theories and practices to create a tailor-made approach for each client. I'm based near Godalming - give me a call: 07803 084224

Tina Turpin Consulting room